What to expect during the healing process: (Please keep in mind that everyone is different and where some may experience all of the below others may experience very little and not necessarily during this exact time frame)


After Care Instructions:

Aftercare is essential for the most optimal outcome.  This includes protecting your newly bladed brows from water, sweat and sun as well as using an aftercare balm such as coconut oil, aquaphor or vitamin e balm to keep your brows moisturized (If you are on the oily side you will likely be instructed to dry heal). It is common for your brows to itch, peel and have some redness during the first couple of weeks. DO NOT SCRATCH, PEEL, RUB or PICK as this may cause scarring, instead gently tap to relieve any discomfort.  For the first 24 hours blot gently with clean cotton pad. After 24 hours apply a very thin layer of healing balm.  2 Days after the procedure you should start gently washing the area with a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil, Cerave or Dial for Oily skin) by wetting fingers, rubbing cleanser between fingers & gently tapping it on the area. Gently remove cleanser by tapping a wet, clean cloth on brows. At this point you will gently tap dry with clean cloth and apply a very thin layer of balm with Q-tip. Repeat this process morning and night for up to 14 days